Private Lessons

Go one on one with the trainer you pick how many sessions you prefer, and I will deal with specific issues recommended for people that only have minimal concerns and issues that can be worked on in private with no distractions

Price: $25/session plus taxes

Puppy Class

6 week training program recommended for puppies 8 weeks and all vaccines must be up to date. Each week of the training is a building block for the next week for a solid foundation and proper socialization is key to adulthood. Each class is 60 minutes in length complete with graduation certificates upon completion .
Price: $ 150 plus taxes

Group Class

6 week training program recommended for adolescent dogs 8 months to 2 years, all vaccines must be up to date and all dogs must be fixed prior to class. Each class is 60 minutes in length and teaches proper management skills of common obedience issues ,basic fundamentals for a happy healthy dog and lots of socialization with  furry friends, Personalized Graduation Certificates upon completion and a Dog Party at the end of the program  with treats and gifts.

Price: $150 plus taxes


The trainer  will have a discussion about behavioral issues and concerns, access the situation, observe dog's  behavior  and recommend the training scenario best suited for you and the dog , first consult is free and will not exceed 60 minutes .

Day Training

Let the trainer take your dog for the day while your at work and train your dog at least 3 times per week plus a transfer lesson where I would demo all the training and transfer it over to you , That's 4 lessons per week for your dog for at least 3 weeks=12 hours of training for your dog.

Price: Prices will vary inquire for a budget friendly quote.

Massage Class

Learn how to massage your dog with proper techniques 60 minute class to combat stress and anxiety build trust ,body awareness and deepens the bond between you and your dog .

Price: $25 plus tax

Specialty Class

These classes will be only offered randomly such as Pet First Aid/CPR, choking and much more watch for pop up classes Prices will be posted in advance before registration for the class

Crash Course Once a Month

Life gets busy and maybe you don't have the budget for a long program I also offer crash courses on common obedience issues (sit,stay,down etc.) So if you don't have time take a crash course in basic training elements.

Price: $30

Doggie Daycare

Full on Doggie Daycare services are available  for puppies and or adult dogs. All dog must be up to date on vaccines and have a certified vet report ready at time of boarding. Offering daycare through the day while you work and or overnight boarding , arrangements will be made prior to acceptance to daycare . Double gated security, fully supervised and 24/7 video surveillance with text message updates for added comfort .

Price: $ 25.00 plus taxes for full day

Dog Grooming

Go to our grooming page and book an appointment or call for details , pricing depends on package selected all applicable taxes apply and dog must be free of fleas and ticks  and kennel cough before entry


Counselling will be provided on a individual case basis, whether for behavioral issues, fear, anxiety, aggression and or pet loss/grief counselling . Sessions are one hour in length and are private and confidential.

Price: $25.00 plus taxes

Board and Train

This is  where I take your dog , board him with me and train him/her for as many sessions as you would like, inquire for quote on pricing, pricing depends on number of days required.

Product Sales

Magic Monte's has there own line of pet care products check it out in the store section of our website all sales final and  subject to applicable taxes. 

Self -Serve Doggie Wash

Bring your dog to our self -serve dog wash $12 taxes in you will be able to use our brand Magic Monte's shampoo/conditioner or choose from a selection ,15min bath time 30 min dry time and off you go , no appointment necessary open whenever hours are posted