About Us

Julie is a Certified Canine Behaviorist, Certified Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor and a Certified Groomer all rolled into to one lady! She is patient , calm and understanding of your animals needs and works endlessly to provide a gentle, calm, stable and comforting environment for your animals, she has studied everything from dog psychology to animal communication and canine body language , she is a true animal communicator and her devotion to dogs is remarkable. Julie built her business from the ground up she always knew animals were her calling and she always knew she had the drive, dedication and the determination to become a successful business woman , her years of study, experience and calming nature are undeniable and she will pull out all the stops to make sure your animal is in the best of care, whether you need doggie daycare , dog obedience or grooming, Julie has you covered with great affordable pricing and top dog service  this girl rocks and she will have your pooch in tip top shape , nothing but Smiles for Miles at Magic Monte's . Magic Monte's is dedicated to Monte her beloved dog whom she cherished until the bitter end , Monte passed away from Osteosarcoma which is bone cancer in dogs, Julie spent thousands of dollars and spent countless days just taking care of her soul dog , her devotion to Monte was based on love, compassion and a deep soul connection untouched by any human , Julie promised Monte she would continue his legacy and devote her career to animals and that she did and will continue to do so until her last days . With an amazing background story, a true devotion for dogs and there primal care why would you trust anyone else , Julie has the knowledge, trust and pure understanding of animals some say she is Magic thus Magic Monte's was developed and she will work with you to put a smile on every dogs face, we are located at 233 Industrial Ave and have a wide variety of services available for your pet come check us out , Julie loves drop in visits and most of all the most rewarding part of her career multiple slobbery kisses , you just can't beat it .

Julie White 

President of Magic Monte's